Michael Orlov, Barrister

I have been a litigator for 36 years, 11 years as a solicitor and partner of a large national firm and 25 years as a commercial and construction barrister appearing in all States and Territories. Over that time I have had the opportunity to work with and observe the professional development of a very great many young solicitors.

I first had the privilege of working with Tracey on a commercial dispute many years ago when she was still relatively inexperienced. Since then we have done many hard fought commercial cases together.

Perhaps the highest recommendation that I could give is that if I ever found myself in a situation where I was involved personally in a commercial dispute and needed legal representation, Tracey would be the first person I would turn to for assistance.

Skye Saunders

Tracey’s unique trademark is in her ability to communicate with people with crystal clarity and precision, combined with her inherent warmth and spiritedness.  In the context of her legal practice, this manifests as a welcome breath of fresh air for clients who get the benefit of razor-sharp legal analysis delivered with natural empathy and concern for their individual circumstance. 

 Tracey is a natural coach, often transforming what might ordinarily be a challenge into an opportunity. This philosophy underpins her legal practice, as it does all other areas of her life. It’s this positive, constructive, ‘can-do’ approach to otherwise testing situations that makes Tracey so highly sought after as a practitioner and also as a professional mentor. She creates imaginative solutions to even the most complex client problem. In fact, Tracey’s solutions-oriented approach means that she will grapple with the pieces of a client puzzle and will often present a range of possibilities for the client to consider. 

Tracey is diligent, dedicated and clear- the only surprises for the client will be in the delightful package of solutions which she develops for their circumstance.

Mary Martiniello

Tracey is a solicitor like no other. When she says she is passionate, you can believe her. She represented me in a franchise situation and went above and beyond to help me through a very stressful time. If you are looking for someone to help you, then Tracey is the right Solicitor to get you through whatever your legal needs are.

Donald McDowall

Tracey Mylecharane - Solicitor- is my recommendation for fantastic legal insight, excellent service and prompt results. Comparing many legal services that have assisted my businesses since the 1970s is not easy, all have been very helpful. The legal profession in Canberra works hard to understand the shifts in law that can tangle a business and create frustration for the owner.

Tracey Mylecharane - Solicitor, navigates these tangles and frustrations with clear vision and outstanding results. By far, Tracey is the first choice for when I need legal services. Her pleasant demeanour and insightful mind get straight to the point resolving situational emotions and allying fears of her clients. I wish Tracey success in her new practice as she expands her personal styled legal service. 

Wayne Brookman

Tracey is kind and professional, and kept me updated the whole way through my matter.  The outcome was exactly as she said it would be. 

I am highly grateful to Tracey for achieving a fast result on my behalf.  Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Tracey to anyone who needs an honest, down to earth solicitor who really cares.    

Pip – Canberra

 I knew I should seek independent legal advice on the draft contract, but hesitated. Partly because it might hold up the process, and partly due to the possible cost. However, Tracey provided prompt and practical feedback via email and phone, and answered all my questions about the document. This meant I could sign the final contract with confidence, not wondering if I’d missed something or misunderstood it.

Next time, I won’t hesitate.

Gess Mazis

As a woman in business myself, it is refreshing to have had Tracey looking after my business for several years.  She has always been easy to understand, very approachable and knows exactly what the issues are and how best to resolve them. 

As a small business owner I appreciate and value Tracey’s professionalism, empathy and ability to look after my interests so I can get on with my work. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone in small business. She is a strong, clever woman who delivers the ‘wow’ factor every time.

 Andrew Mackie

Tracey provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to detail whilst explaining to my wife and I, page by page, the documents we received from the bank.  She anticipated our questions and addressed all our concerns about those documents. 

She responded to every email that I sent promptly.  Tracey made herself accessible and told me that if I had any other related issues pertaining to the bank documents to give her a call. Thankyou once again on doing a great job. I would highly recommend Tracey to provide prompt and accurate legal advice and support.

Fran Truen

Her honesty, her passion, her integrity, her fairness, her ability to make a connection, her enthusiasm, her down to earth manner! Tracey is our guardian angel and we are eternally grateful to have found her