With over 15 years experience in Law, including 12+ years of professional practice (6 of those years at partner level), I have been involved in numerous matters with clients who have experienced hardship and difficulty with their banks - this has ranged from simple advice and guidance, to assistance lodging complaints through the ombudsman system, to representing clients in court against banks.

I have undertaken a great deal of research following the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (‘the Banking Royal Commission’), and I have formed the view that the imbalance of power between banks and consumers may never be resolved. People need help in this space now more than ever.

The types of matters I can help you with include:


Complaints to AFCA
(Australian Complaints
Financial Authority)

Defaults under loans and facilities

Providing Independent Legal Advice


Appointment of Receiver,
Administrator or Liquidator

Advising Guarantors

Advising on loan and
security documents

Mortgage advice to Mortgagors

Negotiating terms
or additional time

Advising on Notices
and/or helping dispute
such Notices

Drafting loan and
security documents

+ More



+ Working Together

Whether you are having issues with your bank and need help negotiating or to lodge a complaint with AFCA, or if your bank has issued you a default notice that you dispute or need time to resolve, I can offer you advice outlining your options, and can work with you to strategise a way forward.

+ My Approach

My style of practice is a little different to most lawyers, My style of practice is a little different to most lawyers, combining a ‘Life & Law’ approach, with a genuine desire to be accessible to everyday people, and to add value to each one of my clients.

The practice of law is more than simply knowing the law and how it works - it is also about taking the time to get to know and understand my clients, their life circumstances, past experiences, long and short term goals and objectives.

I pride myself on thinking differently, being honest and direct, and providing crystal clear advice that will help achieve solutions that work. I am practical and open minded, and am results driven. I can tailor my approach to your needs, so that each time we communicate you can be sure I am adding value and we are moving things forward.

I don't procrastinate, and don’t believe in wasting time. If there is something to be done, I will get on and do it, so that you can go back to doing what it is you do best.

+ Consultations

Consultations are 1 hour, and take place via Zoom, Skype, Face Time or Phone, whichever you prefer.

I will provide you with a Pre-Consultation Information Form that you can complete and return to me within 48 hours of our consultation, along with any additional documents that you would like to me see in advance.

+ Pricing

My fees for a 1 hour consultation are $440.00. We may resolve your issue there, or we may map out a way forward for you.

There are several ways we can continue to work together. My service packages and fees are designed for everyday people, and will be tailored to your individual needs and budget.

My fees are not calculated on an hourly basis, and I don’t charge you in 6 minute blocks, or for taking your phone call or reading an email. I have designed my fee structures so that you know what you are getting from me, and you know what you are paying for, upfront, with no surprises.

My fee structures are fixed, and will be based on your individual circumstances, your specific needs, and the value I can bring to your situation. As things progress and change, what you need from me may change, and my fees may change. We will discuss this along the way, and you will always be aware of my fees ahead of time.

I will not agree to take on your matter if I am not satisfied that I can add value. To do so would be unfair to you, and would waste both your time and mine.


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“Tracey provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to detail whilst explaining to my wife and I, page by page, the documents we received from the bank.  She anticipated our questions and addressed all our concerns about those documents. 

She responded to every email that I sent promptly.  Tracey made herself accessible and told me that if I had any other related issues pertaining to the bank documents to give her a call. Thankyou once again on doing a great job. I would highly recommend Tracey to provide prompt and accurate legal advice and support.”

 Andrew Mackie